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Empowering the next wave of leaders and 
close the wealth gap with a community of support.

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Able Fund is an evergreen investment fund supporting underserved entrepreneurs.

After working with over 200 companies, we discovered that many entrepreneurs simply didn’t fit the standard venture capital model, but still had amazing businesses. We saw this as a huge opportunity to find and fund overlooked companies looking for investment that may not yet (or ever) fit traditional funding opportunities. 

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Enable entrepreneurs in your community

Business People Applauding

When people talk about business, they mostly talk and think in terms of businesses. We focus on the humans inside the company because when people work, businesses work. And when businesses work, communities thrive. 

Human-Centered Capital

It's time for a

new funding ecosystem

Able Fund is building a way for investors to directly support entrepreneurship in their communities, and bring their philanthropic lives into alignment with their financial lives for targeted impact.

Learn how we work with entrepreneurs

Learn how we work with investors

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