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We are a team of cause-driven people who have spent their lives building and backing companies and non-profits.


We believe in the power of human-centered capital. These are the humans behind what we do.

David Brooks headshot_edited.jpg

​David Brooks

Executive Director

David has a background in design engineering with an emphasis in the psychology of consciousness. In his career, he has been an aerospace, product and architectural engineer, COO, and CEO working on renowned projects. His high-altitude thinking sees the full picture and the microscopic details simultaneously to provide feasible, innovative strategies that move the needle towards the collective goal. 


Megan Scaglione

Head of Platform & Data

Megan is our mastermind of Investment Science and holds the title of having been Utah's youngest female Angel Investor. Over the years, she has invested in over 15 companies and analyzed hundreds more. Her work at Investable helps founders find strategic financial partners and funders find great investments based on their preferences. 

Christopher Headshot 1.JPG

Christopher Pagels

Head of Strategy & Partnerships

Christopher is an investor and entrepreneur with a deep background in launching, scaling, and investing in startup companies. With a background in bioengineering and regulatory strategy, Christopher brings a systems approach to building and financing companies. What makes Christopher happiest is dreaming with his eyes open and helping others do the same.


Andrew Pagels

Head of Portfolio Operations

Andrew is a bio-engineer by training, and an entrepreneur and investor by practice. He’s founded, co-founded, advised, or invested in 100+ companies in the last 6 years, and has weaved entrepreneurship, management, and engineering backgrounds together to bring a systems-driven and results-oriented approach to the often-messy world of starting and growing companies. Andrew excels at helping people explore what’s possible, articulate those goals, and break down the barriers that stand between them and success.


Dr. Richard Klopp

Board Member

Dr. Richard Klopp is an international social impact expert with a record of decisive leadership in organizations with international scope. Rich combines academic rigor with practical management. Specialties include: executive leadership and management, organization/business development, fundraising, Africa-focused social change ventures, venture philanthropy, blended value structures, and social enterprise. 


Ryan Shepard

Head of Operations

Ryan brings over 2 decades of experience in product development, supply chain management and operations. He has lived and worked in Europe, Asia and Africa creating products and businesses in both the for-profit and non-profit sectors. He holds dual MBAs from Southern Utah University and Hong Kong Polytechnic University.

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