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Able Fund exists to help entrepreneurs and investors work together to build durable, valuable businesses

Young Businesswomen

We work side-by-side with entrepreneurs to generate communities of support around their ventures, and provide patient capital to enable them to reach their definition of success—their growth goals, growth timeline, and the impact they set out to have. 


We’re not an accelerator, nor are we a traditional investment fund. We’ve chosen 501(c)(3) status because it gives us a patient, long-term view. This enables us to provide support and capital to a large number of founders, and patiently grow a non-profit evergreen fund from the value that we create together. 

Businesses are the lifeblood and foundation of American economic life, yet entrepreneurship is on the decline.

Image by Brooke Cagle

Able Fund is a critical new tool for economic development that has the capacity to revive American enterprise. Patient capital and support invested into a large number of companies that might have trouble accessing capital otherwise, has the potential to create huge value and impact.

Venture Capital (VC) should not be the default funding mechanism for startups.

VC is one way to fund young ventures, but can leave huge gaps in opportunities for founders with different growth goals.


Many founders want to exit, while some aim to build a long-standing company. Some founders desire high growth, but others merely want careful, steady growth and profitability. Some founders wish to build a global company, while others want to impact a small market or community.

Collaborating at Work

How Able Fund Works


We raise and deploy philanthropic capital to enroll founders in our transformative Investable Process, Black Kraken incubator, Fish Tank crowdfunding events, or other targeted resources. We work alongside entrepreneurs and bring in powerful allies from our community (other entrepreneurs, donors, investors, operators) to find and bridge gaps in strategy, business models, execution, and expertise. Our programs are tailored to each business and usually takes between 2-6 months. 


We generate a community of support that matches entrepreneurs to resources. We foster careful and intentional growth, unlock innate resourcefulness, and help engage a broader community of resources.


We bring our process to communities all over North America and beyond, as a way to bring the worlds of philanthropy and investing together for the benefit of those that may have been excluded from resources and capital.

Learn how we work with entrepreneurs

Learn how we work with investors

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