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Becoming Investable means engineering  alignment with the resources and partners that can help you reach your definition of success

At the Office

Finding the right resources at the right time can be daunting. The Investable System enrolls you in a process of cooperative due diligence that helps you identify the most important risks and opportunities in your business.

The Investable team of experienced entrepreneurs and investors has helped hundreds of businesses discover breakthrough value through this process. Think of us as a trusted board member that can help you navigate your company's most critical inflection points.

How the Investable System Works


​Definition of Success & Collaborative Due Diligence

Articulate a clear "north star" and discover and prioritize the risks that might keep you from reaching it.


Financial & Valuation Analysis

Align your financial strategy with your business strategy, and build an evidence-based model of your company's value.


Investment Thesis & Messaging

Build a clear message about your vision and your company's growth roadmap that resonates with investors. 


​Precision-Execution Tools

Precisely plan and execute business experiments that add value to your company. Enroll powerful allies (other entrepreneurs, investors, and operators in "mock board meetings" to help you execute.


​Capital Strategy & Resource Planning

Choose the optimal funding sources to save time, have a lower cost of capital, and match your capital solutions to your business goals.

Due diligence and investment can feel like an “us” vs. “them” experience.

It doesn't have to. 

We saw an opportunity to use due diligence to create breakthrough value with entrepreneurs and investors and in our process we perform it WITH not AGAINST them. We guide entrepreneurs through a collaborative and transparent due diligence process and enable companies to intentionally grow the value of their company.

Image by Brooke Cagle

Outcomes from the process of becoming Investable

  • You know how to enroll effective resources, and have a system you can use again and again to bring valuable resources into your venture

  • You have a trusted team of advisers you can use when you want support

  • You have new and valuable growth roadmap and capital strategies

Smiling Young Woman

"Working with Investable was transformative. They're the real deal—trustworthy, intentional, sophisticated and caring. Their leadership and capital strategy altered the trajectory of my company while empowering me with tools to amplify value at every turn."

Jainee Dial

Co-founder & CCO


Learn how we work with entrepreneurs

Learn how we work with investors

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