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Support entrepreneurs in your community for targeted impact

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Did you ever wish you could

use philanthropy to directly impact entrepreneurs in your community?

Able Fund invests donated capital to bring valuable resources to underserved entrepreneurs, then helps these entrepreneurs become better operators with crucial institutional support.


We’re not an accelerator, nor are we a traditional investment fund. We’ve chosen 501(c)(3) status because it gives us a patient and long-term view.


This enables us to provide support and capital to a large number of entrepreneurs, and patiently grow a non-profit evergreen fund from the value that we create together. 

Community influencers

We believe that investors and successful business owners can provide the missing ingredients that make a thriving, inclusive entrepreneurial ecosystem.


Investors can bring their philanthropic lives into alignment with their financial lives for targeted impact: funding underserved but deserving entrepreneurs that our economy depends on.

Regenerative ecosystems

We've created simple ways for investors and successful business owners to give back and support the next generation of entrepreneurs.

Our donors are so much more than just a source of money. We make it simple to share the resources that make the biggest difference to entrepreneurs: capital, expertise, experience, advice, and connections.

Able Fund isn’t just a charity. We’re convinced that this model can create superior returns, both financially and socially. Put simply, 1000s of base hits are greater than 10s of home runs.

The prevailing VC model may work for some companies, but VC isn't a fit for 99% of businesses. We believe this 99% represents a massive market opportunity. Capital solutions should be customized to fit the entrepreneur, not the other way around.

Rather than investing $10M into 2-5 companies and turning one into a 100x company, we believe taking that same $10M and investing it into 100 1x-2x companies and turning them into 2x-3x companies could create outsized value for founders, investors, and communities.

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Superior returns from

a different strategy

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